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College Casino Operations 101 2006-01-23
It is no secret that the casino industry is booming nationwide, garnering sky- high revenues and employing thousands upon thousands of people. In cities and towns from New York to California, the growing industry is demanding an ever- growing number of new casino professionals.
Several colleges and universities across the United States have taken this information into account regarding their mandate to prepare graduates for the working world. These institutes of higher learning have decided to add casino studies programs to their academic repertoires.
Several universities in Oklahoma have been the latest to add casino management programs.
In addition to the learning institutions with specific degrees in casino management, scores of additional universities and colleges include courses on casino operations in their programs in tourism and hospitality or business management.
Of course, many jobs in a casino do not require a university degree. Many job candidates, however, hope that a degree in casino management will set them apart from the crowd.
Jen Hope, a high school senior from Oklahoma City, said that she would consider applying to one of the casino administration programs in her home state.
�It�s just really practical,� said the 18 year old, who is active in athletics and student government. �When it comes time to look for a job, a degree in casino studies will be really useful.�
(By Keren)