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Blackpool Favorite for Super Casino License 2006-01-22
To raise more money through tax revenues from casino establishments throughout the United Kingdom, the British have recently changed their gambling laws. At first, the UK government was planning to give out eight licenses for super, Las Vegas-styled, casinos. Too many people were against this plan, and the government brought the amount back to one. Now, there will be only one single super casino license and cities all over Britain are fighting to get this license.
Getting this license is a huge advantage for any UK city, since it will bring a lot of tourist and jobs. Right now, Blackpool has the best odds and the city officials are already excited about the chance of getting the super casino license. This license would turn Blackpool into a major British resort, a boast that it can definitely use.
The license will be issued at the end of 2006 after the recommendation of the Casino Advisory Panel to the British government.
(By Cindy)