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Man Robs Las Vegas Casino 2006-01-19
A man attempted a rare armed robbery at a Las Vegas casino at 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.
The man, who wore a baseball cap and a wig, attempted to rob the cash cage at the Gold Coast Hotel- Casino, which is on the Las Vegas Strip.
The man showed a female clerk in the casino cashier cage a revolver and demanded money. The woman obliged, and was unharmed. The man fled from the scene and fired several shots, one of which hit a casino security guard in the leg. It is unclear whether he managed to get away with any cash, since he dropped quite a bit during his escape.
The man has not yet been apprehended, although the Las Vegas Police Department does have the entire incident on videotape.
Robberies at casinos, particular in Las Vegas, are rare, due to a variety of preventative methods taken by the gaming establishments.
(By Keren)