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Police Chief Embroiled in Texas Gambling Scandal 2006-01-18
The FBI has decided to look more closely into the relationship between the Los Fresnos, Texas Chief of Police and the owner of an arcade hall that was shut down for hosting illegal gambling.
Police Chief James Harris owned a private security guard company, which he staffed with off- duty police officers. One of his clients was the Gold Mine, which was shut down for illegal arcade gambling.
Chief Harris said that he did not know of the illegal gambling activity at the Gold Mine when he took on the arcade hall as a client. "I understand it might look like that, but I can assure you no information from the Los Fresnos Police Department or anything has ever been relayed to any of these 8 liners and it never would be."
Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos became aware of the relationship, and asked the FBI to look for any evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
�We had heard from numerous sources that the owners of this arcade were connected with law enforcement. We want to make sure that wasn't true and if it was true, what those connections are and what kind of relationship it was," said Villalobos.
The Los Fresnos chief is no longer in the private security business.
(By Keren)