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No Guide Dogs Allowed, Casino Guard Tells Blind Patron 2006-01-17
Lisa Bensch, a psychology student at Australia�s University of Cape Town, decided go visit a casino for the first time. She and boyfriend Quintin Teixeira visited the Carnival City casino on Sunday night, expecting to gamble about R20 or 30.
However, the couple, who are both blind, was denied entry to the casino when an overzealous security manager decided to apply the casino�s �no pets allowed� policy to Bensch�s guide dog.
Teixeira said: "The security manager came and he also told us we couldn't go in. He said it was a gambling board ruling, which I don't believe because I have been into Montecasino with Admiral, my guide dog."
A crowd soon gathered, demanding that Pam, Bensch�s golden retriever, be allowed into the casino. "It got really ugly," said Teixeira. "People were shouting and swearing. We asked the security manager for his name but he refused to tell us, and, according to some in the crowd, he wasn't wearing a name tag."
The couple eventually decided to leave the casino. The Carnival City casino apologized soon after the incident, offering the couple �free hospitality� should they decide to come back. The couple, however, has vowed not to return. "I would go to a casino again, but I would never go back there," Teixeira said.
(By Keren)