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Stealing Money From Bosses To Gamble. 2006-01-05
A clerk at a bureau de change was jailed yesterday in a money scam. It seems that the clerk stole more than �26,000 with in four weeks to meet debts which she and her boyfriend ran up. They created these debts through gambling on the internet. The clerk, Cindy Streets, played around with computer records to try to hide the evidence of the theft.
Streets, and her boyfriend, Paul Hocking, testified in court all the details to the reason they did this. They described to the Exeter Crown Court, how as gambling addicts they spent hours making large wagers on online poker tables and betting exchanges, hoping desperately to salvage the losses. After a month passed, Streets bosses at Lets Go Travel noticed a deficiency in foreign currency.
When �2,000 was found missing, and her scam was uncovered. Streets, 21, admitted to three offences of false accounting, asking for the theft of �26,218.08 to be taken into consideration. She was subsequently sentenced to jail for 12 months. The boyfriend�s story has not been revealed so his punishment is still a secret.
(By Andrea)