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This Past Year Did Wonders For UK Bookmaker. 2006-01-05
The U.K.'s second- largest bookmaker is looking at its annual earnings already. Apparently beat it forecasted a run of winning wagers by customers near the end of last month. They went on to make just a little more than the bookmakers estimate. The bookmaker for ones wasn�t on the money, when it came to predicting their own business growth.
The company�s operating profits for the year ended on Dec. 27 running to 230 million Pounds ($396 million) to 240 million pounds. No one predicted this much, despite the summer that the company had faced. They weren�t sure that this alone would help raise their profits, but it actually had.
Over the Tom Segal tipped a winner on 10 consecutive Saturdays in his column in his horse racing post. This meant 20-1 odds, in one of the cases. This had a major effect on the profits, which was shared by all the major bookmakers. This particular bookmaker rose to 6.6% increase in profits. Stock in other groups may have slid in November after too many winnings hurt their earnings, however that wasn�t the case. The bookmaker made out in the end.
(By Andrea)