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This Past Year Did Wonders For UK Bookmaker. 2006-01-05
The U.K.'s second- largest bookmaker is looking at its annual earnings already. Apparently beat it forecasted a run of winning wagers by customers near the end of last month. They went on to make just a little more than the bookmakers estimate. The bookmaker for ones wasn’t on the money, when it came to predicting their own business growth.
The company’s operating profits for the year ended on Dec. 27 running to 230 million Pounds ($396 million) to 240 million pounds. No one predicted this much, despite the summer that the company had faced. They weren’t sure that this alone would help raise their profits, but it actually had.
Over the Tom Segal tipped a winner on 10 consecutive Saturdays in his column in his horse racing post. This meant 20-1 odds, in one of the cases. This had a major effect on the profits, which was shared by all the major bookmakers. This particular bookmaker rose to 6.6% increase in profits. Stock in other groups may have slid in November after too many winnings hurt their earnings, however that wasn’t the case. The bookmaker made out in the end.
(By Andrea)