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Returning Illegal Gaming Machines. 2006-01-04
Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale has made a decision with the gaming machines that he seized during a raid. Hale agreed on Monday to return hundreds of gaming machines that were seized from the Birmingham Race Course. However, a judge delayed a hearing which would determine whether or not the devices are legal.
Hales attorney claims his client doesn't need the machines which were taken from the Birmingham Race Course. Investigators have not made copies of the electronic data which is normally contained in their circuit boards. Machines are to be returned within two days, but it should be understood that patrons are not allowed to use it. However there is a dispute over a type of gaming machines that are "sweepstakes" machines. These machines are considered legal under state laws because the state allows sweepstakes.
Hale contends the machines are a type of new style of gambling machines which were declared illegal. Circuit Judge Scott Vowell will hold a hearing on January 17th, which will allow attorneys additional time to take sworn testimony from experts, and can determine how much evidence can be agreed upon.
(By Andrea)