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Man Facing Felony Charges For Sex Scam. 2006-01-02
An Arkansas man is now facing felony charges after conducting a scam. His scam was that he used a sex offender registry to extort $20,000 from credit cards and tax refunds in the name of others, particularly registered sex offenders. The man was caught when he was arrested at a traffic stop.
Matthew Buescher, 35, was arrested Wednesday by a Benton County Sheriff's Deputy who found file folders containing financial information on several sex offenders. Deputy Doug Gay claimed that Buescher targeted Indiana sex offenders because they were easy targets. Their information was easy to obtain from the Internet, according to the police officials that spoke to Buescher.
The man then went on to tell investigators that he used the money to gamble in Oklahoma casinos. It is because of this that he is being charged with financial identity fraud, driving on a suspended license and having fictitious tags. He posted a $7,500 bail on Friday and was released from jail the following day.
(By Andrea)