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Ariel Sharon New Superhero Crime Fighter. 2006-01-02
Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon is focusing more on fighting against organized crime these days. The PM wants to focus on domestic issues, as he prepares to seek re-election in March as the head of his new Kadima (Progression) Party. The new centralist party, made up of former member of Right wing party, Likud (Unification) Party. They are hoping on focusing more on other issues in Israel, other than the obvious Arab/Israeli, particularly Palestinian, conflict.
The new goal of the new party is to focus of combating drugs, prostitution, and illegal gambling. It is because of the gangs that crime has risen, and it is because of the conflict that this issue has evaded police attention. In recent years, rival gangs have had turf wars, bomb attacks, and have tried to rid the other side�s gang boss. It is some of this type of street fighting that that has put all Israelis, including the youth in harms way.
Sharon addressed his cabinet at its weekly meeting, claiming that Israel should give organized crime the same priority as fighting terrorism. Sharon regards domestic crime as internal terrorism, and should be handled in the same matter as external terrorism. Sharon�s centrist Kadima Party is confident, when in office this time, with a new name that this party can do a better job. Currently, this party is the favorite too take office in the March 28 general election. It is because of Sharon�s withdrawal from Gaza and his plan to end conflict with the Palestinians that he has gotten wide Israeli support for the bettering of the state all together.
(By Andrea)