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Exes Battle For Cuts. 2005-12-22
It is the same old story that when a couple separates, so do their assets. However, once the divorce is complete, does that mean that the couple still needs to split things? Apparently, to one couple that may be the case.
That is what will be decided in court when a woman will battle her ex to get half of his $30 million reward from his lotto win. The man may have won one of the country's largest lottery prizes, but he may not get a chance to keep it all. The claim is that the couple was still married, and happy, when the lotto jackpot was hit. At least this is what the ex-wife is claiming.
Lawyers for Ray Sobeski and his ex-wife Nynna Ionson already had a divorce settlement. The settlement that meant that he would support her temporarily with $9,000 a month, until everything else could be sorted out, as ruled in the middle of this week. Ionson still plans to continue her legal suit for half of his Super 7 jackpot.
Sobeski apparently won the jackpot, which he collected in April 2004. The couple was still together at that point he won according to court reports. Apparently he waited a year to collect his winnings, which in Ionson's eyes meant he was trying to hide it purposefully.
Ionson, a former exotic dancer was Sobeski's third wife. Sobeski, a former computer technician, says his marriage to Ionson was based solely on sex, and has dissolved. He also claims he and his ex had separated long before the lottery issue was even an issue.
(By Andrea)