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Gambling Addict Steals At Work. 2005-12-11
A man addicted to gambling hit an all time low when he stole lottery scratch cards from a Norfolk newsagent. The twist is that he was working at the newsagent where he stole the tickets. Apparently, he stole a total of �3000 from his employer in those supplies alone.
The addict, Keith Bailey, 23, may have been too excited when he took the job at the Martin newsagent. It gave him access to the one thing that maybe he shouldn�t have any access to all. Bailey sold scratch cards, and took some home as souvenirs. This was all discovered, when discrepancies were noticed.
Bailey later admitted the theft. Since his arrest he has claimed that his gambling is under control. Though, he doesn�t still buy a �1 ticket on Wednesday and Saturday in the National Lottery. That may be reduced, but some may say he shouldn�t do that at all if he has an admitted problem.
During sentencing, Bailey was ordered to pay �1500 in compensation to his employer and was given a four months jail sentence, which would be suspended for 18 months. He was also ordered to do 200 hours community service. Currently, Bailey is now working as a flower seller, and is doing fine.
(By Andrea)