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Family Wins From a Lotto Ticket. 2005-11-09
A family purchased $40 worth U.S lottery of tickets for a chance at wining the U.S lottery. Well their investment paid off, and they won the second largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history. All this happened last evening, as the family went and claimed their $340 million prize.
Frances Chaney, 68, who went in on the Powerball ticket with her husband Bob, 72, with their daughter and their daughter's husband. Frances could handle believe it all, when the Powerball numbers were drawn on Oct. 19, and they won. So what took them so long to claim their winnings? The four purposely waited to claim their winnings at Oregon Lottery headquarters until they consulted with tax and financial advisers. Chaneys' son-in-law, Steve West, 48 thought it would be a good idea.
Frances Chaney checked lottery numbers on the Internet on that same night of the drawing, and was shocked to see the winning numbers were hers. She immediately woke up her husband, and then called her daughter, Carolyn West, 47. She said Steve West didn't believe what was happening at first.
(By Andrea)