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Gaming License Revoked from Atlantic City Casino Employee 2006-07-05
Two surveillance supervisors from Caesars Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey both faced charges of spying on women in the casino.
A recent ruling has cleared one of the men but found the other guilty of the charges.
The ruling found that Robert Swann was not guilty of the charges and broke no gaming license rules when he worked the night shift at the casino.
Another employee James Doherty was found guilty of violating the casinos regulations by using the surveillance equipment to spy on several female workers.
The decision was made to revoke his gaming license for 20 days while waiting for approval from the gaming commission.
Studies of the surveillance tapes showed that Mr Doherty used the equipment to zoom in on attractive female workers and specifically prominent parts of their bodies in October 2004.
The Division of Gaming Enforcement is bringing the charges against Caesars and have stated that the casinos security was compromised due to the lack of attention to actual security requirements.
(By Suki)