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Casinos Attempt To Improve Security. 2005-10-06
The Gambling Commission is prepared to create a new program to regulate things like fruit machines, bingo games and betting. The idea of this program is to keep children, and other vulnerable people away, and keep crime out too.
Since the wave of new gambling laws, it has been easier to play. It is easier to place bets, and that is trouble some for those who shouldn�t gamble. It used to be that there was a 24 hour delay, when people, who have too much to drink, were not able to enter the casinos. Since that time in the 1970s, things have changed and have been less secure. That�s the reason for the new program.
The Gambling Act, which went through parliament before the general election was criticized. Since the introduction of online gambling, there was less check on who was betting. It is up to land casinos to enact this idea.
Since the talk of more super casinos like what is being discussed in Blackpool, more control and security should be taken care of. This will bring people in to feel more secure than British casinos have been showing since the 70s.
(By Andrea)