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Problem Gambling Problem in Manakau. 2005-09-19
Manukau City Councilor Su�a William Sio says that gambling is detrimental to the social issues, as well as the welfare of the children. The national policy for gambling is irresponsible, he goes on to say. They do not address social impacts in various communities.
Sio goes on to say that everyone knows the impacts, but they ignore them. The most visible is child neglect. It is not rear, anywhere to hear of children left in vehicles or alone at home, while their family members went off to gamble, instead of watching them. Children sometimes are injured or die as a result of this. Those who survive this don�t survive poverty; gambling parents aren�t able to provide for their children, food, clothes etc.
So far the national�s policy is looking to make a profit, without the social ramifications of such an effort. The national stand hopes to help economy through this method. Sio still feels money hungry entrepreneurs are not thinking of the problems of gambling.
Manukau City people lose more than $91 million each year gambling on lotteries, TAB, Sky City casino and gaming machines, based on a study found. This is only after debts venues have been paid. Due to this, Manukau City Council finally commissioned a report into the social impacts subject.
Sio says he just wanted people to be aware of the impacts. Not many are and for that reason, there were many problems. He hopes that people now understand gambling, and play responsibly, if at all.
(By Andrea)