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Online Gambling Threatens U.S Lawmakers. 2005-09-18
The U.S. Senate�s gambling disapproval is now going on to trying to restrict online gambling. Sen. Jon Kyl is working non-stop in order to get the legislation to become law eventually. The Arizona Republican is trying to do so by changing the language of the gambling law to include online gambling.
This many be good for the Republican, but a mysterious Democrat objected Kyls in this matter. Due to this, Kyl had to try to change his strategy in order to get bill recognition. He is now trying to get credit card companies to block payment on these internet sites.
Kyl knows it will be sometime before anything is figured out, nonetheless seen on the Senate floor. Kyl urged the Democrat lawmaker to come forward, and let himself be known on matter. After all if he is trying to block opponents, he should at least face them.
The U.S. Justice Department has said the laws that prohibit interstate gambling do also apply to online statures. Americans have, and will continue in these instances to turn to offshore gambling online sites as an alternative. The Senate and House of Representatives have passed similar legislation to Kyls demands, bur have not been able to reach an agreement on any one of them.
(By Andrea)