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New Orleans Homes Lost To Possible �Houses.� 2005-09-08
Since Hurricane Katrina, and the disaster it has made to the Gulf Coast, many are left homeless, or virtually so. Citizens are being asked to abandon the area, as it isn�t inhabitable any longer. The relief efforts may take long, but FEMA and DHS have something in mind, build up casinos.
In order to do so they will need the land. Land that was once inhabited by citizens of the state, may be, if abandoned to the state, and in the hands of resort owners. Currently, 10,000 survivors in the city are being recommended by New Orleans city officials to leave.
The ones that don�t want to may be physically removed from their property, according to some New Orleans information. Old deeds to homes and properties will suddenly be null and void with new deeds held by off-shore companies in Antigua and the Bahamas. Sounds horrible, but that is what is being said.
The area may not seem inhabitable, but why would it be better for casinos? It may be because businesses are better in economic ruined places. The area already lost lots of casinos to the storm.
Now the new hope for the area will be to build Tribal casinos, duty free shopping malls, hotels and condo complexes, as well as cruise ship ports. If people do not live there, then it is a good idea to build up later tourism. The storm shouldn�t scare anyone away from visiting or later coming back to live in the Gulf Coast.
(By Andrea)