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Land Claim of $250 Million Sent to the Trash Heap. 2005-08-14
The Oneida Nation of New York aims to resolve the Oneida land claim in central New York for $250 million. The claim from the state is the right for 27,500 acres, in relation to sealed document. The request will allow for a considerable yield to a deal that was in its process in 2002 by Gov. George Pataki.
Ray Halbritter, representative for Oneida, and the one who made the offer was relying on court turnovers, when the decision came in. As it seems, the request seems too steep, according to the latest court conclusion. They seem to find it unflattering to the Oneidas, central New York elected officials said last week.
After several session and negotiations, the final mediation called together four plaintiffs for the claim; the federal government, and three Oneida factions, defendants, and county and state governments. According to a source, Wisconsin tribe's proposal, said the tribe is holding to the terms Pataki. Since the legislation has been withdrawn, these terms can not be met.
The deal would have allowed the Wisconsin Oneidas to pay off the New York tribe for any damages. The deal also called for giving the Wisconsin tribe a gaming compact for a Catskills casino and 1,000 acres of land in central New York, as a bonus. Pataki withdrew from the deal because it gave the New York Oneidas 35,000 acres of Native American land. This, not matter what deal is not up for negotiation.
(By Andrea)