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Bell Fruit Games Joins IGGBA. 2005-06-09
John Austin, Managing director of Bell Fruit Games, has merged with IGGBA.
Over 40 years in the business, Bell Fruit Games have led, with Mazooma and QPS Brands, as the main manufacturer in the United Kingdom. IGGBA, the European Union delegate of gaming rules and regulations, welcomes this change to the family, with Bell Fruit Games.
Austin could not be more pleased. His respect for IGGBA and its members allows him to be part of the organization. It is an effective and responsible firm, exemplifying what gambling and gaming means, clearly the future.
Austin goes on to add that, as a new member of IGGBA, they together hope to see changes within Great Britain and Europe. Not to change the mainframe of the current company, but to make clear advances toward better organization. This with help make IGGBA Chairman Richard Flint, the leaders of the gaming industry. Flint goes on to agree with Austin.
Flint is as delighted to welcome Bell- Fruit, as they are to join. He feels they are a great company, with potential. They have worked hard to establish themselves on their own, and now have the great opportunity to expand themselves greater. IGGBA and Bell- Fruit together, Austin and Flint are in that direction already.
(By Sammy)