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Council says 'If you Build Casinos, They will Come'. 2005-06-09
London's Financial Times reported that, England has now put forward its new law, hiring advisors for members of parliament, in order to find satisfactory places to set up her casinos.
According to the new gambling law, this idea is to bring back to life old neighborhoods. Leisure, and Tourism will be greatly improved by this law, and at the same time get this law passed.
The initial governmental plan was to get eight main casinos built, but one main one was approved. Since the law passed the panel has been in formation, and hopefully by the end of this year places will be sorted through for the perfect locations for these casinos. What clues that are given on where they may be, is determined through the Department for Culture Media and Sport, who will determine a panel of experts on city planning.
Eight main buildings and eight smaller buildings may be in the scope of findings, again in underdeveloped areas. This is not only build up England, but add to its city structure.
Yet, once again that can not be decided until later this year.
(By Sammy)