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Losing controll at the casinos!!!! 2004-01-07
The Missouri's casinos are not doing as well as they used to� Lately at least 95 people each month are banning themselves from the Missouri's casinos since their addiction has become stronger then them and they can not control their habit. Therefore, they joined a re-habit program which will requires them to obligate not to enter a casino and if they do they will immediately be arrested. Some of the addicts have already lost all they had including their houses and their entire property. The only thing they had left to be lost was their own body. Kevin Mullally, executive director of the Missouri Gaming Commission believes the results presented by a new research conducted in Canada which proves that most gamblers can not obey a prohibited restriction and few can learn how to control their disorder for a short period of time. Mullally has designed a program of his own which will offer several possibilities for the addicts and they will be able to choose out of those options what they see fits. Some options will offer only a 5 year ban and some will offer a life-time ban. The gambler knows how much he can handle. "�Keith Spare, chairman of the Missouri Council on Problem Gambling Concerns, said in an interview on last week that he agrees with the transforms Mullally recommended. Spare said some people who are banned from casinos have to get over some type of shock, such as a big failure of something they hoped for. The good thing about it is that they can go back once they regain their awareness and domination on their will power-then, their confidence comes back to the way it was."
(By Liat)