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Online casinos are forced to reject costumers out the door!!! 2003-06-12
The main subject on debates these days regarding the gaming industry is whether or not the House passage of the unlawful internet gambling act. The Interactive Gaming Council, more known as IGT, delivered a statement which expressed their opinion on the matter:" The membership of the Interactive Gaming Council is logically let downed, but not shocked that the House of Representatives have chosen to pass H.R. 2143. Just as it did before with other proposals in the same field. For example, seven years ago a basic misinterpretation of gambling at general and of gambling through the internet is the reason that that bill did not pass. She believes that "A more reasonable solution to prohibition is the study, licensure, and oversight of Internet gaming operators. By differing to a number of remarks from legislators, Internet gambling can be legalized, as proved by MGM Mirage with its casino web site playmgmmirage.com. Since the beginning of 2002, MGM Mirage has proven that legalizing a model for online gambling is something that can be done. Though the cyber casino had been closed, the reason for it was entirely political and nothing else. The ones who hold the power are the regulators and the US policy makers. It is definitely impossible for the owners of the casinos to oppose to them in any way and still people like to play and gamble and visit the casinos-whether it is online or land-based-24 hours a day! The question which rises is why the prohibitions get more and more restrictive when it is obvious that by doing so it only prevents responsible businesses from inflowing in the gaming industry? "There are more than enough costumers but MGM practically had to say no to many of its costumers since they held a nexus to the U.S. A response has been received from Rep. John Conyers when he had filed a bill to establish a study commission to observe the option of legalizing and regulating online gambling. Turns out, that his proposal did not get too much attention by the House's leaders. "The IGC has been a dependable voice for the responsible interactive gaming industry, turning the case for regulation and player safety to governments across the world. IGC believes it is all about the attitude and that seeing problems with gambling addiction, minors betting and the so-called potential for money laundering can best be resolved through a combination of up-to-date technology, proper internal controls and regulatory oversight." "We know the situation is problematic and will not be easy to solve, but talking on ways for the solution is only the beginning of the road. We understood the concerns of the Congress members about the problem of minors gambling, and our members started taking steps to prevent this. Children protection, as important as it is, is not the entire problem and this matter can be solved so easily by new regulations and restrictions. Once something turns out to be illegal, most of the population obeys it. The IGT are already on the verge of taking steps towards the accomplishment of avoidance of money-laundering, underage gambling, and other social targets, but as we said before:the law is the best way to do it".
(By Liat)