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US House voted to ban online credit-card payments 2003-06-11
A new restriction has been passed and approved by the house of representatives to disallow credit card payments through the online casinos in order to prevent all the businesses who have been working illegally in the past couple of years. The bill has encouraged intensive debates, since it does not cover gambling on lotteries or horse racing, which are gradually more valuable sources of tax revenue in so many states. That fact alone makes it harder for the law to separate those two... The bill will probably be even stronger - with the addition of criminal penalties for those who ignore it - once it is filed to the Senate. The Senate Banking and Finance Committee initiated several hearings on online gambling but has not yet planned a vote on the bill. Now the situation is that many fears have been spread that the new bill is the beginning of talks over online gambling. Basically, most forms of gambling are illegal in the United states, but the law doesn't have a lot to do to stop offshore businesses. These casinos,1,350 of them at least, have combined US revenues of more than $2 billion. Lawmakers have been cautious of redrafting gambling law, which is disreputably complex, operating at federal, state, and in some positions tribal level. The existing bill is now focusing less on financial transactions and more on how to combine between the financial services and turn it into one service. The new bill also discards some of the former suggestions approved by the state in relation to online gambling. From now on, online sports bookmakers will be able to expand their operations into states where all forms of gambling are banned such as Utah. Meanwhile, the Congress did not like it so much and a new amendment has been filed in order to remove such partialities was slightly crushed. Te proponents had to work hard in order to just keep it on debate and almost faced a position where it had been kicked outside� Eventually what happened is that criminal In the end, the bill was short of criminal sanctions allowed it to find a way around certain potential opponents. We may not know yet what is about to happen, but the debates are still going on�
(By Liat)